My Soup Your Soup
Annie Canto
Food paper, cotton stitching

Description by Annie Canto:
"In response to the intimate prompt of installing artwork in a stranger/neighbour’s kitchen window, I invited myself over to my assigned and gracious couple’s outdoor dining room with a tub of homemade coconut broth and a sunny demeanor. We had soup, wine, and corn cake on their corner lot as dogs and dog owners waved past leaving Clark Park. We covered more than the basics in conversation - connections to food and farming, family, recipes, creative endeavors, an abridged saga of their relationships’ beginning, and a shared love for artisan soaps to name a few. With “artist” labeled on my invisible smock, I entered their garden suite with a tape measure, a Tupperware, and a roll of yellowed tracing paper to measure their window and frame my to-be-material-research with the scraps of our encounter."

Annie Canto works mostly with text, comics, and food to acknowledge the complexities of the other and question the overarching systems that govern our relationships. She emphasizes creative practice as elemental, radical, and subversive in her art classes for ages six to twenty six and thinks of the classroom as a rare and purposeful place to meditate on the ways we build relationships. You might see Annie screaming down the sidewalk in her pineapple-coloured roller skates or hear her parading sweet sonatas out of her piano room window. She watches a lot of horror movies with her cat + dog and loves making empanadas.