Window Adaption
Ben Evely
Cut mirrored window film
Fitted to window

Window Adaptation is an installation stemming from an interest in how windows frame experiences. Window film is commonly used for heat reduction, UV resistance and privacy. The forms are inspired by common residential window shapes, and are curved and warped to feel more organic. Rounded corners require less effort to process visually compared to sharp edges, providing a more relaxing atmosphere. The intention is for a practical and aesthetic benefit. 

Ben Evely
is a visual artist from Banff, Alberta, on Treaty 7 Territory. He primarily works with painting, collage, and drawing. He enjoys painting murals and working collaboratively.

Sorting and filtering fragments, Ben often sources images online and through collage, making digital compositions prior to physical work. Observing the transformations and distortions that happen while merging analog and digital mediums. A common thread in his work is the interplay of organic and synthetic.