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Yasmine Haiboub
Stephanie Wu

Participating Artists
Aaniya Asrani
Aman Aheer
Annie Canto
Carlan Savage-Hughes
Ben Evely
Brittney Appleby
Dana Qaddah
Eric Tkaczyk
Lana Connors and Josh Neu (Flavourcel)
India Eliot Oates
Jack Kenna
Jules Cundari
Lex Battle
Marcel Lessard
Maya McKibbins
Neil Young
Rawan Hassan
Rea Saxena
Shizen Jambor
Sof Pickstone
Stefan Reid Johnson
Yeonoo Park

Illustrated Map
Madeline Berger (@fungalmatters)

India Eliot Oates
Jack Kenna
Neil Young
Nova Olson
Yeonoo Park

Our generous neighbours
Ground Floor Art Centre

We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts.