India Eliot Oates
Marker and wax pencil on paper

Description by India Eliot Oates:
"Growing up in poverty, I saw a lot of the realities of addiction and homelessness through my father.
The experience of poverty drives a particularly deep, emotional connection to consumption and belongings. This piece depicts moments of entrenchment within lower class life through purchased goods and fantasizing of a crossing over. Haunted by mundane and accessible items, such as a bottle of all purpose cleaning spray, or a scratch to win card, I’m interested in class stratification and the implications of daily consumption and hoarding habits."

India Eliot Oates
is a nonbinary Chinese Canadian interdisciplinary artist and musician based in what is known as Vancouver. As a conceptual artist, India works through a multitude of mediums, with a focus on textiles, sound, music, and sculpture.
Their practice involves critical play, curiosity, satire, and spontaneity in response to eco-anxiety, class stratification, and misanthropy in the Capitalocene.
Throughout their work, India uses pop culture references and motifs to contextualize and ground abstract ideas within consumable products, or conversely the grotesque and undesirable. There is a duality within their work between deep fear, apathy, fun, and humor.